Noise level complaints and versatile coppers

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RETRAINED OFFICERS: Could support city centre sound checks.

ALICANTE’S Security Council plans to retrain many of the city’s Local Police officers to make them more well-rounded. This way the officers would not be so strictly tied to their specific roles within their given units, and would be able to be carry out a greater variety of functions.

One of the specific focal points for these new and improved coppers would be mediating in the ongoing battle between citizens and noisy bars. Many residents of the city centre have continually complained that certain establishments are not complying with the town’s noise by-laws. These residents argue that the Urban Discipline Unit of the Local Police cannot efficiently carry out its work under its current limited timetable. 

The Urban Discipline Unit is the only one permitted to carry out soundchecks on bars and other leisure establishments, but at the moment the members of the unit only work between 8pm and 2am, while various bars and leisure establishments are open to the public as early as 4pm or as late as 7am at the weekend. 


The Security Council has stated that it is ‘impossible’ to extend the schedule of this unit, but that it could retrain officers from other units and have them carry out the soundchecks when these noise specialists are off the beat. 

Retraining officers could be a big step forward for frustrated residents, whereas other officers could similarly be moved between units when needed to help create a tighter and more well-rounded force.


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