Fears over surge in populism lead EU leaders to adopt hard Brexit stance

MARINE LE PEN: Set to ride the wave of populism currently sweeping the western world?

FEARS over the break-up of the European Union has led country leaders to the conclusion that a ‘hard’ Brexit is their only option in order to maintain integration in the bloc.

The consensus is apparently shared by all 27 nations which will remain in the EU following Britain’s exit.

One top diplomat is quoted by the Observer as saying: “If you British are not prepared to compromise on free movement, the only way to deal with Brexit is hard Brexit. Otherwise we would be seen to be giving in to a country that is leaving. That would be fatal.”


The increasingly-hard stance comes as Nigel Farage announced that he intends to take advantage of his relationship with Donald Trump to make a new bid for a seat in the Commons, while predicting that right wing nationalist Marine Le Pen could win next spring’s French presidential election.

“She will clearly win through to the second round. And after what has happened elsewhere, only a fool would say she would have no chance of winning overall. France is a deeply, deeply unhappy country. If she were to win, it would be game over for the EU,” he said.


  1. There are several reasons for the rise in popularity of exremist parties. People are sick of the corruption, greed and tax avasion of the political and corporate elite which has led to growing inequality. The extreme right parties have also capitalised on the incompetence of the major political parties in handling what has become massive uncontrolled illegal immigration which is eating away at the fabric of our societies leading to fear for security,,stability and the future. All this is analysed in a new book “The World at a Crossroads”


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