Busy city comes to a standstill every day

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TRAFFIC SOLUTION: Alternative routes are being sought to help ease the situation.

MORE than 130,000 vehicles are passing along the busy Gran Via and Avenida de Denia in Alicante, on a daily basis.

The city is now seeking alternative routes to help ease the situation. As they try and encourage more public transport and increasing use of the bike path, large areas are still collapsing with the city unable to cope with the volumes of vehicles it receives at certain times of the day. 

The main solution, the Via Parque, is still not finished with 3km of work still to complete. The town hall is also launching the ‘Alicante moves’ project which includes an app with real-time traffic information.


This will have a budget of nearly €3 million and forms part of the ‘Smart city’ project with 142 street cameras installed to monitor the movement of vehicles to allow work to be done to improve the flow of vehicles.



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