Son finds mother after 32 years


A 32-year-old champion swimmer with Down’s Syndrome who was adopted at six-and-a-half months old, has been reunited with his birth parents.

Adam Bibby was born in Sidcup in Kent and adopted by Pauline and Greig Stewart when he was nine-months-old. The family which includes his sister Lucy, live near Torrevieja.

Pauline and Greig had always told Adam that when he was 18 they would do their best to find his birth parents.


“All we could tell him was what the social worker had told us, which was very little. We promised Adam when he was 18 we would start looking for them and we tried every avenue possible, Salvation Army, adoption registers we even paid for a private detective, but it was like his family never existed,” said Pauline.

Eventually, a cousin suggested using Facebook so the family inundated the site with requests to help find Adam’s birth family. 

It was at this stage in 2014 they found one of Adam’s half-sisters, Zena Bibby but there was no reply to their emails.

In November, they tried a last-ditch effort and contacted a local paper at their former home in Sidcup.

Not long after that Zena emailed a reply and on November 11, Adam was reunited with his birth parents, Susan and Colin Bibby and their family.

Said Pauline: “Adam is now getting used to having a younger full brother along with another half-sister and half-brother.

“That weekend was a fantastic reunion, his mum and dad have said that now they have found him they will never let him go.”


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