School children arrested for bullying

Education Department investigate bullying which led to suicide attempt
CYBER-BULLYING: Children are vulnerable CREDIT: Shutterstock

FOUR children have been arrested in Alicante for harassing a classmate.

The three girls and a boy, all aged under 14, are alleged to have been bullying a girl at school. She began to suffer anxiety attacks and the situation deteriorated to such an extent that her parents moved her to another school. Unfortunately, the harassment continued in the form of cyber-bullying on social networks and abusive messages on her mobile phone. 

Since she had suffered so much verbal and psychological abuse, the parents of the youngster took the case to police, who launched an investigation. 


The Ministry of Education reports that cyber-bullying is on the increase in the Valencia Region with harassment moving outside of the classroom. In 2015, the Department of Education recorded 228 cases of cyber-bullying compared with 70 the previous year. 

Many cases of bullying still go undetected, with children either too scared or embarrassed to report it.


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