Man arrested for people trafficking in Algeciras

Migrant Shipwreck Off Canary Islands, Fourth Body Found. Mstyslav Chernov/Unframe Wikimedia
Migrants at sea

A SENEGALESE male was arrested by officers of the National Police in Algeciras and accused of being an important part of a criminal organisation involved in the smuggling of illegal migrants from Morocco to the Canary Islands and other parts of Spain.

It is claimed that this man had himself arrived in Algeciras as one of a number of people carried in a small boat from Morocco and that he had arranged for a number of these journeys to be undertaken using small vessels in very poor condition and without sufficient food or water for the passengers.

Apart from the fact that this activity is illegal, it is believed that at least five migrants have died whilst undertaking the perilous journey.


The man has now been charged with belonging to an illegal organisation as well as aiding and abetting illegal immigration.


  1. How about charges fo One doesn’t need oussy-footr THEFT of the money paid by the immigrant hopefuls … and the MURDER of some of them? One doesn’t need pussyfoot charges and penalties if this traffic is ever going to be stopped.


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