Fowl play as poultry-rustler defeathered in Pulpi

© wikimedia
JAIL BIRD: The fowl individual helped himself to peacocks, pigeons, turkeys and geese, among other animals.

A MAN from Pulpi has been given a two-year jail sentence and a fine for stealing 158 birds from farms in the area between April 18 and May 8 this year.

Almeria’s number five criminal court found the defendant guilty of theft of chickens, hens, pigeons, turkeys, peacocks and other birds along with three goats and a dog, all of which he took to his own private farm in the town.

The bird thief cut through fences and broke down doors at night to steal the animals and on one night alone managed to take 96 birds from a single farm.


Along with the jail sentence, the man has also been handed a fine for resisting arrest and injuring three police officers after he refused to go without a squawk.


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