Expat cannabis growers busted after posting drugs back to UK

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BONGED UP: The four Brits now face a court appearance.

A GUARDIA CIVIL investigation in Bullas, Murcia, has resulted in four British expats being taken into custody for producing and trafficking cannabis via a mail order style system.

The half-baked trio of men and their female accomplice, all of whom are aged between 28 and 50 years old, were operating a large greenhouse in order to grow the outlawed greenery which they were allegedly sending to the UK and Ireland using Spain’s standard postal service.

The plot was discovered when a number of ‘suspicious smelling’ parcels bound for the UK were intercepted at the local post office before they had even left the village.


Police quickly identified that the senders of the pungent packages were a British couple who lived in a rural home on the outskirts of Bullas, and soon determined that two others were involved in the culture and production of the stupefying flora.

During the week prior to their arrests, the quartet posted a dozen shipments, all of which were seized by police before being opened in court to reveal their illicit contents.

A search warrant was duly issued and a raid conducted on the couple’s property, where a greenhouse was found to contain an extensive cannabis plantation, and several other rooms were dedicated to production of resin or oil, or packing the plants prior to shipping.

Officers also seized one drying plant, four kilos of cured buds, almost two kilos of hashish, and several sheets of LSD tabs, plus a host of laboratory and packing equipment.

The group apparently worked online using a website from which they sold legal products derived from cannabis, and all the packages were sent bearing a sticker featuring the company logo.

The four unnamed Brits have been charged with crimes against public health, drug cultivation, processing and trafficking, and belonging to a criminal group.


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