Buckingham Palace granted £370 million revamp


BRITISH taxpayers will foot the bill for an enormous £370 million Buckingham Palace refurbishment package. 

The decision amounts to a huge 66 per cent pay rise for the monarch and the work will theoretically be completed over the next ten years.

That’s £37 million a year that could be going to the NHS. £37 million is also the amount raised by Children in Need last year


Instead the money will be used to help the royals with their plumbing and electric, and sprucing up the east wing. 

The financial decision was made by Theresa May, Philip Hammond and Alan Reid, the keeper of the Queen’s purse, without any consultation of parliament. 

Buckingham Palace has released a statement saying that the Queen was “completely supportive” of the cash injection, as is her husband Philip.


  1. Its austerity for the majority, but they still tell us, “We’re all in it together. “The Royalty is the biggest Con since the charge of the Light Brigade.

  2. Take that cost in prospective just think how much the royal family bring into the United Kingdom, no matter where you go in the world they are envious of our Royal family.

  3. They should pay their own bills after all Windsor had a payout for the fire a few years ago. What a time to decide to have this work done. What about the people who are being ejected from their homes also NHS is on it’s knees. this all beggars belief.

  4. Cliff, they take out far more than than is paid in. We are not provided with the true balance of accounts. I wonder why? This is all when our Local A&E is being closed.


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