Historical document lost for three decades returned to Ecija

© National Police
Handing over the manuscript.

A SHARP eyed council official in Ecija in the province of Seville saw an online auction offering a 767 page hand written document concerning notarial decisions covering the years 1679 to 1683 and concluded that it may well have been a document that disappeared from municipal archives more than 30 years earlier.

Having been alerted to this, officers from the National Police established that the manuscript had been offered for sale by a Madrid bookdealer and had reached a price of €750,000 due to the rarity of the document.

Upon interview, the dealer was unable to show any proof of purchase, saying that it had been in the shop for many years and it had been given to him by his father and once it was established that this was the missing portfolio, it was seized and has now been returned to its rightful home in Ecija where it will be properly looked after.


There was an official handing over of this document – which contains valuable information about the past of the town – by the local head of the national police to the municipal archivist in the presence of the mayor of Ecija.


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