Migrants found in Spanish container ‘expected to be taken to Britain’

© Vytautas Kielaitis / Shutterstock
MANGO: migrants were found in one of the fashion retailer’s containers.

WORKERS at a logistics centre for Spanish clothing brand Mango in Llica d’Amunt, close to Barcelaon, were left open-mouthed on Wednesday, November 16, when they opened a sealed container brought in by a lorry to find ten Kurdish immigrants inside.

One of them was vomiting and all were sent to hospital for a check-up, although they are said to be in “generally good health.”

The four children, five men and a woman apparently believed that they would end up in the UK after travelling from Iran to Turkey, where the container was packed in Istanbul.


It was then transferred to Izmir port before boarding a 48-hour ferry to the French port of Sete, where it was loaded onto a lorry driven by a Turkish national who is now being questioned by investigators.

Oriol Amoros, Catalonia’s head of equality and immigration, said: “We will help them try to get refugee status but in any case we will accept them in Catalonia as it is our understanding that they are fleeing from a conflict zone.

“They were a bit disoriented when they got off the lorry as they thought they were in the United Kingdom.

“It seems that they had paid someone a sum of money and expected to be taken to Britain.”

Mango has said it will pay for the ten migrants’ care until their status is clarified.




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