Justice is delivered to bad postman

© Flickr multisanti

THE National Police in Alicante have arrested a 56-year-old postman for allegedly skiving off work and failing to deliver the post for three years.

The investigation began after a complaint was made by a representative from the post company who said that numerous letters had not arrived to their intended recipients in the San Gabriel neighbourhood of Alicante City.

Police officers began to track the postman’s movements and decided to see where he went on the company motorcycle. 


They learned that he went on a daily basis to an abandoned cabin in the area of Monforte del Cid, where he apparently whiled away the day and left all of the post in a heap.

The officers soon arrested the postman. In a search of the cabin, they seized 67 letters and envelopes, 228 arrival notices, a large quantity of postcards and packages, as well as numerous boxes and a motorcycle helmet belonging to the post company. 

Meanwhile, in a search of the postman’s residence, police officers apparently seized a package containing some silver earrings which were addressed to a woman in Alicante. She had reportedly bought them online in August but they never made it to her home.


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