Spain could be in trouble with future president Donald Trump

President Donald Trump.

PRESIDENT-elect Donald Trump put America’s Nato allies on alert during the campaign when he suggested continued US protection would depend on whether they stumped up enough cash for the military alliance. 

His none too subtle threat was thought to be directed at former eastern bloc members and the Baltic states who are most at risk of a potential Russian attack but a glance at actual spending shows Spain to be one of the worst offenders. 

Nato encourages members to spend a minimum of two per cent of GDP on defence but Spain manages less than half of that at 0.9 per cent, with only Luxembourg spending less.


Spain has already courted controversy among its Nato partners when it almost allowed Russian warships to dock and refuel in Ceuta whilst travelling to Syria. 


  1. And rightly so, they all bang on about NATO but don’t pay their fair share expecting the Americans to stump up… it’s about time they were taken to task!


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