Red Cross link-up to improve health

Sara Munsterhjelm and Pedro Dominguez.

The Spanish Red Cross and the British Embassy are behind a pilot project aimed at reaching out to the expatriate community to help improve their health now and in the future.

Aimed initially at people living in the Valencian Community, the hope is that it could be extended to all areas of Spain where there are foreign communities, especially if they are around retirement age or older.

Spanish Red Cross technician Pedro Dominguez met the representatives of different charities and agencies at meetings in Torrevieja and Calpe.


He was joined by British vice consul Sara Munsterhjelm.

“We want to reach out to the British community in case they need any help,” said Snr Dominguez.

“They are integrated but many are getting older and some do not speak Spanish.”

The aim is to make them aware of the health care agencies that are already operating and to offer help when it is needed.

 The scheme has already attracted the attention of the French government who have asked Snr Dominguez to meet their consul.

“I think Brexit has made it worse and a lot of people are worried but the Spanish Red Cross is an international organisation that exists to help people regardless of politics or religion,” he said.

If anyone is concerned or wants to find out more about how the link-up will work, they can contact Snr Dominguez at [email protected]


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