Catalans stand up for their politicians

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RURAL VOICE: Organisers said that around 150 coaches had been laid on to bring in residents from smaller towns and villages.

THOUSANDS of people gathered in Barcelona on Sunday (November 13) for a mass protest against legal challenges against pro-secession politicians.

Various Catalan politicians face trials demanded by the Spanish government over an informal independence referendum which former regional president Artur Mas’ government held in 2014 in spite of it being banned by the Spanish Constitutional Court.

Mas and current regional parliament speaker Carme Forcadell, both of whom are on the black list, were present at Sunday’s rally which saw buses fleeted to bring pro-independence protestors to the city from rural areas.


Although almost 90 per cent of votes in the forbidden referendum were in favour of independence, just two of the 5.4 million people who could have voted actually did so. Opinion polls generally reveal that around half of the region’s 7.5 million residents are for secession.

CarlesPuigdemont, current regional president, who attended a separate rally in his home town on Sunday, has said he intends to hold another referendum by September.


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