A firm stance against faeces


ALMERIA City Council is fed up with hearing complaints about dog mess and watching the area’s image being badly affected by uncivil behaviour and has launched a new campaign while threatening hefty fines.

The ‘We all suffer your poo, why don’t you pick it up?’ campaign will be running across the city for the next few months with information days on the streets and promotion on media and the internet. Dog owners will be informed they may face fines of up to €750 if caught leaving their mess behind.

Municipal services councillor Juanjo Alonso explained that dog mess is the most common cause of complaint from the public and stressed that poop-ridden streets are serving to give the city and its people a bad name. Plus, the councillor said, it poses a serious health risk. Although many dog owners are now doing their bit, Alonso mentioned, there is still a minority which needs to be more considerate.


The campaign is to be opened up to schools as the council stressed that children are the future and if they can be taught good habits now they will help to educate their families. Schools across the city have been invited to host activities and receive diplomas to prove they collaborate and there will be a drawing competition for children with a bicycle for the winners.


  1. This is really good news. My wife and I always pick up after our dog, but end up stepping on another dogs poo that someone didn’t pick up.
    Hope fully, nearby Carboneras, that we love dearly, will follow this new initiative.


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