The bells! The bells!

NIGHTMARE NOISE: The bells chime every hour and quarter.

TERESA, a San Juan resident who lives near the parish church, is petitioning to lower the volume and frequency of its bells.

She moved there recently and said her life is a nightmare because the bells mark every hour and  quarter and also ring out for church services between 7am and 10pm.

“There have been days, especially at the weekend, when we have to endure 800 chimes,” Teresa claimed.  “This noise pollution is neither necessary nor healthy.”  


She works shifts and is also preparing to take the equivalent of Civil Service entrance exams.  “I can’t sleep and I am very stressed but I’m not the only one.  Children and the elderly are also suffering the consequences of so much bell-ringing,” Teresa said.  

She has now collected 150 signatures in a petition headed ‘Bells yes, noise no’ that calls for a reduction in the frequency, intensity and duration of the chimes and peals.  

San Juan’s Environment councillor Sergio Agueitos explained that Teresa should first lodge a complaint with the Local Police to measure the decibels. 

He assured, “If these are over the permitted limits, steps will be taken.”



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