Killer dogs escaped before

Woman Mauled To Death By Rescue Dog
American Staffordshire Terrier.

JOSE SELLES, the 74-year-old Pinoso man who died after he was set on by seven dogs, was pruning vines when the attack happened. 

He was still active, his daughter Maria Jose said, despite daily dialysis and using a walking stick. When the Boxer-American Staffordshire crosses broke out of their enclosure they made straight for him, she explained.

Her 70-year-old mother ran out when she heard the dogs growling but had to run for cover when they turned on her.  The dogs’ owner heard her cries for help and, accompanied by his wife, rushed to the couple’s assistance.


By then the dogs had dragged Jose Selles 20 metres, inflicting serious flesh wounds, fracturing a foot and partially amputating a toe, Maria Jose said.  The attack was so ferocious that the dogs ripped her father’s clothes, destroying his jacket and gloves. 

“It was as though they were out hunting,” she added. They had escaped in the past and some weeks ago bit a neighbour on the ankle who did not report the incident, not wanting to stir up trouble with neighbours.  

Six of the dogs remain in their enclosure where they are chained up but are under surveillance by the Local Police.  Another dog is in veterinary care, after it was turned on by the other dogs following the attack on Jose Selles.

The owner could not be reached but according to a relative who was looking after the dogs, he was “devastated and receiving counselling.”


  1. One thing the authorities cannot do is continue to return known vicious dogs back to incompetent, delusional owners until someone is DEAD. This is why pits need to be put down after the first incident.

  2. Sorry but if the dogs had been looked after probably and cared for they would not react like that. I am sorry for the victim but who in there right mind keeps that many dogs chained up. No wonder they are vicious he should be banned for life from owning dogs.

  3. Another case and another example of how too much freedom and liberty are destroying our societies. There are many breeds of animals which pose no threat so why can’t Governments simply ban all dangerous animals in private ownership regardless of where they are kept. Saving just one life makes it worthhile


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