‘Go Green!’ You heard what the man said!

© International Theatre Studio, Marbella
Ghost Writer by David Tristram.

In a world where people are losing faith in their political masters, John Brown is a politician with sincerely held views and genuine charisma. But for the fact that he is not a well man, he is the natural leader of his party…the Green Party.

This is the background to David Tristram’s play ‘Going Green’ being staged by the International Theatre Studio in November. The plot is peppered with dark humour and intrigue as our hero prepares to deliver his definitive message – Go Green…or Die!

Directed by Kate Jackson and featuring Martin Curd and Ruth Baldwin in the principal roles, this powerful and moving play is at the same time hugely entertaining.


‘Going Green’ will be on at the Atalaya Park Hotel from Friday November 18 to Sunday November 20. Tickets from the usual sources or call 629 261 309 (daytime) or 952 880 240 (evenings and weekends).


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