Alarms raised as abuser goes awol

© Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick
ELECTRONIC TAG: Was used to control the man’s movements

A MAN was arrested for breaking an injunction preventing him from going near his former partner in Elche. 

The man was wearing an electronic tagging type device allowing police to control and know of his movements and whereabouts, but alarms were raised when the man cut it off and threw it to the ground. 

With police alerted, an immediate search was carried out for the man, as his former partner was also contacted to ensure she was okay and to advise of the situation. 


The man, who is already known by police and the staff at the Court of Violence Against Women, has previously spent 25 months in prison for abuse and threats and he was given a 15 year-ban from approaching and communicating with the victim. Judging the situation to be of an extreme risk to the victim, the man was the first in Elche to have his movements monitored  by a tagging device.

The man was quickly located and found not to have approached his former partner, but by removing his tag he could still face between six months and a year in jail.



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