Pound soars as ‘Trumpocalypse’ hits the euro hard


MEDIA across the world are panicking over the prospects of a Trump presidency but, away from the realm of opinion, the pound has already benefitted from his election.


It comes of course at the expense of the euro. Sterling has seen its best two weeks since 2008 and has edged above $1.26 in the wake of America’s monumental decision, up to 1.16 against the euro.


The financial markets have endured a wild week but the euro has fared worse than other currencies. Fears that a Trump and Brexit-inspired populist uprising will radically change the continent pushed the euro down as the pound took advantage.



Expect exchange rates to be exceptionally volatile over the coming months.


  1. [quote]If anyone wants to understand what took Trump to the White House try reading “The World at a Crossroads” from amazon.[/quote]
    I read your book, and now having a second read. Really is on track. Everyone should read this book.There was another eventful politicial upheaval in 1999 which prompted a critique from a UK Sunday newspaper – perhaps it has some relevance in this scenario ‘An excoriating denunciation of hypocritical diplomacy, opportunistic high politics and exploitative journalism which explodes into an apocalyptic climax’
    Awaiting another riveting account from yourself about which road the world took at the crossroads !
    Cheers Ian


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