Bombs exploded outside house


Armed police intervened as a man detonated explosives outside the Costa Blanca home of his former partner. 

He managed to set off two home-made devices on the street before being subdued and arrested after a violent struggle with officers. 

The incident took place in broad daylight in Santa Pola, just north of the Vega Baja.


His ex-partner and disabled teenage son were inside at the time. She desperately called the Guardia Civil when she heard the explosions and police were immediately dispatched to the scene. 

They found two plastic bottles with traces of a yellowish liquid and a strong odour causing irritation to the eyes and nose of those present. 

On the path there was also melted aluminium from the device. There was no damage to the property. As officers headed to the home of the man, they found him carrying a 500ml bottle which they believed was a third home-made explosive.

After apprehending the 45-year-old they revealed that his partner had been granted a restraining order prohibiting him from going anywhere near her. 

Disturbingly this was the fifth time the man had broken the order, for which he had already served a jail term. 

He has now been charged with violating the restraining order, attempted property damage and resisting arrest.

His extreme reaction has highlighted the plight of abused victims across the country. 

Last year Spain witnessed mass protests after 60 women were murdered by their partners or ex-partners, more than one a week. Campaigns against abuse haven’t seen as much publicity in 2016 but the problem continues and is compounded, many believe, by a deadly culture of silence. 



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