Beware the ‘Microsoft’ cold-calling technical support scam


ONE of the Euro Weekly News offices was targeted by a cold-calling scammer claiming to work for Microsoft this week, so we thought we would take the opportunity to warn our readers about the fraudulent scheme.

The racket involves untraceable phone calls to owners of Windows computers  – in our case the number displayed was 000000 – during  which the caller attempts to trick the recipient into paying to fix a bogus security problem.

It is easy to avoid by simply putting the phone down, since Microsoft will never initiate technical support communications with customers, so if you receive such a call, email, or online message you can be 100 per cent sure that it is fake.


Newer scams also use pop-up online adverts to reach younger audiences, but again Microsoft themselves will never do this.


  1. These scam calls have been going on for some time now. Never give them any information and put down the phone. Stay safe!! If in doubt always just put the phone down.

  2. Its been going on in the UK fro some time, the calls seem to be coming from India. If you have the time string them along and play dumb, I have managed 1 hour and 36 minuets. They do get annoyed especially when they find out, but then it may discourage them to call other people if everyone else had a go.


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