No charges in Erasmus students coach crash

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Rescue work at the scene of the crash.

ON March 20, a coach travelling from Valencia to Barcelona carrying 60 Erasmus students from around the world crashed on the AP-7 near the town of Freginals in Tarragona resulting in the death of 13 students and injuries to many others.

At the time it was suggested that the accident could have been caused by driver error although it was confirmed that he tested negative for drugs and alcohol but investigations continued as to whether the 62-year-old man should be charged with manslaughter but prosecutors announced on November 9 that they have come to the conclusion that there is insufficient evidence to mount a case against him.

According to their investigations, there was no mechanical fault with the coach but equally, the driver had complied with all regulations, taking sufficient breaks, driving within the speed limit and without obvious distraction.


Sadly it will never be known what caused him to lose control and hit one barrier before veering across the carriage way and hitting a car but the result was the death of so many young women and mental distress caused to the driver and the surviving passengers.


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