Jihadist recruitment cell broken up in Ceuta

© Ministry of the Interior
BUSTED: One of the suspects is led away.

SPANISH police officers have arrested a quartet of suspected Islamic militants, three men and a woman, in the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta, which shares its western border with Morocco.

Spain’s Interior Ministry released a statement detailing the specifics of the case on Wednesday November 9. The four people are accused of attempting to recruit young jihadists through various forms of social media.

They are said to have created a ‘terrorist cell’ which dedicated itself to recruiting and radicalising youngsters in the area in an effort to convert them into card-carrying members of Daesh.


The statement went on to indicate that this terrorist unit was in constant communication with Daesh fighters in Syria. The recruiters in Ceuta apparently received instructions from the Syrian faction regarding the ideal methodology for attracting new followers and taking them under their wing. 

Spain raised its national security threat level following the Paris terrorist attacks of 2015. Since then, in only a year, the police have apprehended 161 people suspected of being involved in Islamic militant activity.


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