Bullfight ban revoked in northern Spanish town

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A SAN SEBASTIAN court has revoked a ban on bullfighting at the Illunbe bullring, stating the Bildu council which introduced it in 2013 exceeded its functions. The new sentence comes just weeks after the High Court ruled out a law also banning bullfights across Cataluña.

The ban was introduced as part of a contract for management of the Donostia Arena complex, which includes the local bullring, and expressly forbid any activities which involved cruelty to animals like bullfighting, cock fights or dog fights.

No bullfights at all were held in San Sebastian while Bildu political party was in power between 2012 and 2015, yet after PNV took over the council they began to appear once again.


Judge Gonzalo Perez Sanz has now stated that the conditions on the contract exceed municipal functions and declared that the bullring facilities within the complex must be used for their purpose.

Another court in the area recently suspended a public consultation announced for February 19 2017 which aimed to allow members of the public to vote for or against bullfights.



  1. They are really hanging on for dear life to keep this cruel torturous bloodsport alive. Empty arenas, disgust from all over the world, but continuing to try and get it going again. Asesinos! BASTA YA!

  2. I don’t know what area you live, but we can safely say that animal welfare in most of Spain is on an appalling low level. All of us that love animals have to continue to write to letters to newspapers and sign petitions to try and stop this. Without the foreigners that live in Spain, the economy would be on a very low level for sure.


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