British cannabis grower weeded out in Malaga

© Guardia Civil
A HASH OF THINGS: The expat failed to conceal his plants sufficiently to avoid detection.

AN unnamed British man has been arrested after agents representing Malaga’s Nature Protection Service stumbled across an extensive marihuana plantation at his home in Colmenar.

The discovery was made during a routine inspection of potentially illegal properties in the Montes de Malaga natural park, as officers peered over the expat’s garden wall.

The green-fingered Brit was evidently none too concerned about the potential of being rumbled since the patrol spotted the illicit vegetation growing in a glass greenhouse located within an interior patio.


Suspecting that there may be a full scale drug factory on the property, the crafty officers retreated before applying for a search warrant, which was duly approved.

They then returned to the house, where they unearthed 101 cannabis plants in various stages of maturity, plus a sophisticated system for indoor cultivation, using which temperature, humidity and light could be accurately controlled.

The homeowner was arrested at the scene, while a kilogram of prepared buds, 40 grams of hashish pollen, €5,870 in cash and a vehicle were seized in addition to the plants and equipment.



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