Swinging the bat against problem pests


BATS are being introduced to help control pests in Alicante such as mosquitoes and the processionary caterpillar.

The common bat is used to control pests in areas where pesticides cannot be used, such as the environment of the lagoons of Torrevieja and La Mata.

The Town Hall has presented the expansion of the bat program to reintroduce them into the area to help curb the mosquito and caterpillar populations naturally. 


Municipal biologist, Juan Antonio Pujol, explained that the monitoring of the installation of 15 bat nests in 2012 has noted an occupancy rate of 70 per cent which has encouraged the Department of Environment to give new life to the project with the collaboration of Agamed water supplier and pest control contractor CTL. As a result, 50 wooden boxes have been acquired for redistribution in areas where pesticides cannot be used.

Just over €800 has been spent on the boxes which will be installed with mini cameras to monitor the habits of the bats.

The common bat is able to catch up to 1,000 insects a day and it is reported a female bat can catch 3,000 insects a day when in breeding period. They particularly target mosquitoes and other pests that can affect crops such as grapes.


  1. There is no such creature as the “Common Bat”. I have Greater Mouse-eared bats in my patio, in boxes I put up five years ago, and they do indeed keep the wasps and mosquitos down. Geckos do the rest.

  2. Hi PM, ‘murciélago común’ is the Spanish vernacular name for the common pipistrelle, Pipistrellus pipistrellus, so guess the author ranslated that literally.


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