National Police release Nigerian woman threatened in Voodoo ceremonies

Dominik Schwarz Wikimedia
A typical African Voodoo altar

A NIGERIAN woman has been released from effective slavery in Mallorca by officers of the National Police who have arrested her captor following a raid on a property in Palma.

This operation which is part of an on-going national fight against human trafficking established that the woman was smuggled from Nigeria to Morocco and on to Spain through Melilla in 2009 and once in Mallorca was sold to a pimp and was made to act as a street prostitute, being threatened with a huge supposed debt of €50,000 and through Voodoo rituals.

So far, the National Police Plan against Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation has conducted 800 operations since it started in 2013, has arrested more than 2,500 people across Spain and released large numbers of women forced to act as sex slaves.



  1. None of these people have any legal right to enter and remain in European countries. If the traffickers and their victims were either refused entry to Spain or deported when found to have entered the country illegally it would resolve the problem for Spain and Europe, which is not alone in having to deal with an increasing number of foreign traffickers and illegal migrants.


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