Rough terrain for talks on coastal path

Around 20 cyclists on Costa del Sol flout lockdown restrictions on

THE Malaga Provincial Council is hoping to pick up the slack on the proposed coastal path which would allow cyclists and walkers to make their way all the way from Nerja to Manilva. Representatives from the Provincial Council have indicated that they intend to reactivate the proceedings on the project, which has been floated around over the last two years, but as of yet has not made much headway. Different members of the Nerja Council recently met with the director of the Coastal Path project as well as technical experts to discuss what needs to be done to make the project a reality. Part of the difficulties revolve around the roughness and steepness of the rugged terrain surrounding Nerja. Many citizens have spoken out in favour of the project, which would allow visitors and locals to explore the stunning coastline of the province in an uninterrupted fashion.


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