Battle continues after fires

BENITACHELL: Residents’ struggle isn’t over yet.

A GROWING number of people affected by the wildfires of early September are struggling to obtain adequate compensation from their insurance companies, it is claimed. A meeting on October 31 saw residents of Javea and Benitachell claim they had been offered financial compensation significantly below their estimations of the damage. Chief among the concerns is the prospect that many expats with poor Spanish skills or little experience navigating the bureaucratic system may lose out on money they are due. Many people of retirement age, who survive on pensions are at the mercy of the claims system and could face an uphill struggle if they are to be properly recompensed for their losses and damage. A movement is now afoot to ensure more collective working so people get a fair deal for themselves and the community as a whole.


  1. I’m realy sorry for the people who not only suffered of having to live through a fire (I know how hard it is psychologicaly and mentaly since my family had to run away from our house in Ibiza in 2011 because of a wild fire and couldnt go back home for 2 days and then had to face all the damages and problems)

    Since we have moved 3 years ago to Alfaz del Pi, which is just a few kilometers away from the big fires (there was even a smaller one in between La Nucia and Altea) I’ve been trying to make the Comunidad Valenciana apply the EU recommandations on the fires in open air, which are ancestral customs, which not only expose millions of people to danger of fires destroying their homes but polluting millions of people, every by a few, when recycling can create jobs and richness for the City Halls if they organise the recycling!
    I have gathered statistics, studies etc… on this topic that proves the very negative effect on people, animals and plants. In the Comunidad Andaluza e.a. they have prohibited these fires since 2008 but in the Costa Blanca they seem to ignore the problem! Who can help, who wants to join me or can I join a group of people who would like to make the Costa Blanca a safer and healthier part of the world to live in. (I know Spanish) Thank you in advance! Micheline Berger


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