Mariano Rajoy parts company with former Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

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The new Spanish Cabinet and King Felipe

WHEN the new ministers in the Spanish Government were formally sworn in before King Felipe VI, there was one significant absentee, José Manuel García-Margallo who has been replaced as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation by Alfonso Dastis Quecedo a career diplomat who was born in Jerez de la Frontera and is believed to be somewhat less bombastic in his political stance.

The new cabinet is very much like the old cabinet, but the removal of Margallo will be seen as something of a triumph by British and Gibraltar governments and perhaps by some of the Spanish opposition parties who had been very quick to criticise his autocratic ways, although they were also generally critical of the retention of so many of the ‘old guard’.

There is no question that if the Brexit negotiations between Britain and Spain are to actually be to the benefit of both Countries then a squabble over 30,000 people in a few square miles who don’t want to be Spanish was clearly an unnecessary distraction and whilst Spain may well continue to make diplomatic representations over Gibraltar, it is to be hoped that the new minister will bring some dignity and sense of proportion to the discussions.



  1. Wasn’t Margallo pushing for joint sovereignty of Gibraltar? How can you have joint ownership of something you are not entitled to? Google: ”Gibraltar – Some Relevant International Law” to see some myths debunked.


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