Galician granny sentenced for driving without licence since the 1960s


 A ROUTINE traffic stop proved the final chapter in a Spanish granny’s half century of driving sin licence.

The 74-year-old from Galicia was arrested after admitting to officers who wanted to see her driving licence that she didn’t have one.

In fact she never had one. She’d spent the last 53 years on the roads managing just fine without a single incident or police stop, and would likely have continued for years to come if it wasn’t for those pesky police searches.


A judge sentenced the grandmother to 32 days of community service. What she’ll be doing exactly remains unclear. 


  1. Nice one Matthew. Heheh. How did she avoid the police for so long? I’ve been stopped at roadblocks at least a dozen times by Spanish police to show my license and other documents – along with every other motorist around me – and I’ve only been here four and a half years! There are several roundabouts on the coast nearby where nearly every driver gets stopped and breathalysed almost every Friday or Saturday night. Probably a good thing too!

    Hang on, is that a blue flashing light again? Maybe I’d better stop writing and concentrate on my driving!

    Just kidding. Honest, officer!

  2. absolutely incredible
    I remember the day I got stopped and asked for ALL my paperwork – I didn’t have any as we had moved and the Gestor had it all to change the address they couldn’t believe it but let me go


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