There may be a possible softening in Spain’s position on Gibraltar

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Mariano Rajoy after formal appointment as Prime Minister

UPDATE: Unconfirmed reports suggest that following his meeting with the King, Mariano Rajoy has dropped both Jose Margallo and Jorge Fernandez Diaz from his cabinet. More details will be known on the morning of November 4 as the cabinet is sworn in.

NOW that the PP has to follow the rule of parliament rather than do what they like, the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Cortes has very quickly issued a resolution requesting that a formal strategy be presented to the House with regards to Gibraltar.

This request (which could in theory be ignored) has been put forward by the PSOE and is supported by Podemos as they believe any decision needs to be approved by Parliament rather than being simply pushed forward by the Foreign Minister Jose Margallo.


The parties argue that the belligerent demands by Mr Margallo with regards to Brexit negotiations and joint sovereignty was effectively a step too far as it is such an important matter which needs to be agreed by all parties within the Cortes.

Government partner Ciudadanos agrees that Mr Margallo has taken action without reference to the other parties and even members of the PP on the committee agreed to the general concept of the proposal subject to some tweaking with regards to government competence on foreign policy.

Whether the Foreign Minister will take any notice is questionable but the fact that the four main parties have agreed in principle to this resolution may certainly give him and the leaders of the minority government something to think about.


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