Innovative immigrants smuggle themselves from Spain to English chip factory

Albert Bartlett ad

A GAGGLE of cheeky migrants snuck into a lorry packed with sweet potatoes in Spain and made it all the way to the Albert Bartlett factory in Norfolk, where spuds are frozen and churned out into chips.

A baby and two children were among the 15 travellers found on Monday, who were all healthy but needed treatment for minor injuries. It is unclear where they hail from and all 15 are now in the ‘care’ of the Home Office.

The lorry is owned by Spanish company, Transportes Valiente SC, who claim it was sealed tight when it left the country on Saturday. The Home Office, however, has arrested the driver on ‘suspicion of facilitation’, meaning he possibly took a backhander for his efforts.


This latest effort comes after an audacious attempt from an Iranian man to paddle across the English Channel in an inflatable dinghy. The innovative software engineer was picked up eight miles from the Kent coast after fleeing the Calais camp upheaval. 


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