Venezuelan drug mule dies in Malaga and companions arrested

Malaga airport returns to full operational capacity from July 1
Source: flickr/DennisHowlett

AN aircraft en route from Valencia to Tenerife had to make an emergency landing at Malaga airport when a passenger complained of abdominal pains and he was rushed to hospital, accompanied by two travel companions who disappeared soon after the ambulance arrived at the hospital.

Sadly the 30-year-old male who was Venezuelan died soon after arriving at the accident and emergency department and staff having discovered that his death was caused by cocaine poisoning  after bulbs of the drug which he had swallowed burst in his stomach alerted the National Police.

The officers then began a search for the two companions and discovered them in a hostel in Torremolinos where they were arrested.


The two men aged 28 and 29 and said to also be of Venezuelan origin were discovered to have ‘passed’ 105 bulbs of the drug and were then taken to hospital where a further 62 bulbs were collected.

When the 99 bulbs from the dead man and a further 21 found in a rubbish bin near the Torremolinos station were added to those found on the two men, a total of 285 bulbs weighing 4.1 kilos were recovered together with bank notes valued at €3,000 and four mobile phones.


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