Sexploitation blackmailer arrested in Palma by National Police

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The dangers of sexting

OFFICERS of the National Police have arrested a young man on charges related to blackmail through what has become known as Sexploitation.

In this case, the alleged blackmailer targeted a friend, pretended to be a stranger, used a mobile phone unknown to the friend and contacted him via WhatsApp and persuaded him to send him pictures of a sexual nature.

Once those pictures were received he printed them out and delivered them to the young man and demanded €15,000 otherwise he would send the compromising images to relatives.


It was agreed that the money would be left in a rubbish bin in a Palma park and once the money had been taken by the blackmailer, he was arrested by police who had been watching the area.

This type of crime has become more prevalent over the past few years and those who decide to become involved in sexting (sending erotic images to a third party via a mobile phone or social media) are being warned by the National Police to be very careful about their actions and if they intend to do this to ensure that they know the person with whom they are corresponding.

Despite the fact that the police recommend that the best way to avoid this crime is not to indulge in sexting, officers will always be sympathetic to those who are threatened or blackmailed over erotic messages and advise any victim to report the crime immediately so that they may try to catch the offender.


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