Halloween can help even the least able bodied to have fun

Photo Credit: Magic Wheelchair
Ready for Halloween take off

THERE is something rather heart-warming about a fairly gentle piece of news which really does tug at the heart strings.

Halloween is such a special event in the USA in particular that for years children who suffered from some form of mobility problem had to look on as their siblings and friends ran around ‘trick or treating’ but recently somebody has come up with the very bright idea of decorating the child’s wheelchair in order to make it part of the costume.

The options are enormous and in fact, the combination of a costume for the child and the decoration of the wheelchair actually makes for a more exciting presentation than just the traditional ghost or ghoulies.


A website in the US, Magic Wheelchair promotes a whole range of these costumes produced by loving parents, schools and friends and on www.magicwheelchair.org/media you can see a fantastic number of inventive costumes including a dragon,  various spaceships, a pirate ship, Ninja Turtle transport, an armoured horse and aircraft.

Not everything has to be frightening at Halloween and the smiles on the faces of those who are able to join in with the more able bodied are a real treat.


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