Free sports broadcasts closed down by National Police

CFCUnofficial (Chelsea Debs) Wikimedia
A scene from a Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur match

AFTER receiving a formal complaint from a distributor of digital television programming in 2015, officers of the National Police undertook a serious investigation into the illegal streaming of sporting events within Spain.

It transpired that a website was offering the free streaming of sporting events without authorisation or obtaining a licence so officers have arrested the person responsible together with five other people allegedly partners in the activity.

Searches took place in properties in A Coruna, Barcelona, Cadiz, Gerona, Madrid and Malaga where a number of computers and other devices were found together with details which allowed the investigators to block 15 bank accounts said to contain €11 million.


In what was something of a twist, the man said to be behind the whole breach of intellectual property rights and three colleagues when arrested were all wearing wigs, glasses and motor cycle helmets. 


  1. There goes are Saturday sports. What am I going to say to my wife when I want to go out for a beer. she will turn round and say , no sport , you can take me shopping.


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