British descendants of Jewish refugees look to Germany for post-Brexit hope

Jewish Synagogue in Birmingham

THERE has reportedly been an enormous increase in the number of applications for German citizenship from British descendants of Jewish refugees.

Hundreds of applications are currently in the system, a far cry from the usual annual volume of roughly 25 according to German authorities, who gave proven descendants of Jewish Holocaust survivors the right to return to their original homeland following the Second World War.

Among the applications is one from Michael Neman, chairman of the Association of Jewish Refugees, who said that the threat of losing an EU passport and living in post-Brexit Britain had encouraged many British families to make the move.


“It is somewhat ironic that we [the association] were founded partly to help people become naturalised British after the war and, 70 years on, we find ourselves in the position of assisting people who want to acquire German and Austrian citizenship because of the recent developments in Britain,” said Newman.



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