Torremolinos audit fright

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TOWN HALL: The information in the report will now be considered at a formal council meeting.

FOLLOWING the change of council leadership in Torremolinos, the new mayor, José Ortiz was tasked by his coalition partners to have the accounts presented by the previous council audited and the auditor’s report on the years 2011 to 2014 have now been released.

According to information received, the overall view appears to be that there were so many errors and incidents of questionable practice that the documents don’t give a true picture of the actual financial situation.

It is suggested that some expenditure was not properly authorised and rather than follow procedure, decisions concerning expenditure were made by the former mayor and his advisers.


The report indicates that certain subsidies for many local residents could have been illegal, that there was no updated inventory of council assets and the cash surpluses appear to have been misstated.

The information contained within the report will now be considered at a formal council meeting.


  1. [quote]Most likely because they are trying to cook the books. Seems spanish people are quite dishonest…[/quote]

    . . . nowadays not only spanish people.


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