Burial costs row

FUNERAL COSTS: The deceased woman has no relatives to pay for her burial.

A WOMAN remains in the mortuary at the Hospital de Sant Joan, Alicante, after passing away at the hospital last month.

Remaining there for almost a month, residents have denounced the situation as no one wants to bear the cost of her burial.

The woman, aged 61, lived alone and was receiving assistance from social services. One neighbour said although they were never married, she inherited the property she was living in from her partner but had no income or other means to survive. She received food from Caritas food bank and the city helped to pay some of her bills through social assistance. 


In late September she fell ill and died in hospital from pneumonia. Her neighbours are now trying to find someone who will pay the cost of her burial as she has no relatives.

Councillor for Social Action, Julia Angulo, said they are in talks with the hospital to find an agreement.


  1. Great society, someone dies without any money and there is nothing in place to take care of that situation, honestly! This must be something that is not that unique a situation, do social services not take care of those other cases? If I worked in a governing position within government, national or local I would hang my head in shame at this “and many other things come to think of it”… but then, look at what has happened to helpless people who have had their properties demolished here, their lives ruined in retirement with little or no compensation in situations that are not their fault, while authorities here show no interest nor compassion so I guess this should not surprise me really!

  2. This happened to one of our tenants. After she died there was no one prepared to pay for her burial. The authorities would only offer a paupers cremation. They explained that the body would be cremated along with any others in a similar position, at a time known only to them. As there may be be several bodies at a time, no ashes would be available for collection by any related person or friend.

  3. ARE you serious???????? This is Spain people, wot a %&$%hole!!!! its turning into!!! The sooner this country is out of Europe the better…

    Rajoy (the UNELECTED primeminister) help this woman you sad old…


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