All kitted out

NEW TEST: Police can now check for drug as well as alcohol consumption.

LOCAL POLICE  patrols in Villajoyosa can now test for drugs during roadside controls. Until now they have been able only to breathalyse drivers for drink-driving but the necessary equipment to establish drug-taking has now arrived and will be incorporated into road checks.  

Fifteen officers from the local force and 10 from other Marina Baja towns recently attended a training course in using the drug detection kits and these are now in use.

“It’s vitally important to be able to carry out these checks which complement drink-driving tests, and will hopefully help to avoid road accidents inside the town,” said Jaime Ramis, councillor responsible for the Local Police.



  1. Sounds like another money making ploy more than anything. Specially after recent reports state that the most commonly consumed drug doesnt make any difference to driving capabilities


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