Southern Spain will turn to dust unless mankind gets its act together


ANDALUCIA is at serious risk of complete desertification unless radical action is taken to reverse climate-change induced trends according to French researchers.

Temperatures across the Mediterranean basin have risen sharply in the past century, half a degree more than the global average increase, ushering in more change than seen in the past ten millennia.

“All of southern Spain turns into desert” concluded the Aix-Marseille University study published in Science journal.


Forests are forecast to vanish from the region, which finds itself largely at the mercy of global industrial forces beyond its control.

Alarmingly, the study represents a ‘best case scenario’ should current industrial trends continue.



  1. They could start by teaching olive farmers NOT to plough up the groves every year. There are many other ways of managing the land, and that simply causes catastrophic erosions and degradtion of the soil


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