Chimes of freedom

CARTAGENA: These calls of freedom.

FORGET Catalonia, Scotland, or even Brexit. The Costa Blanca South might soon see its very own separation anxiety Brexit unfold after the mayor of Cartagena declared that he wanted to see Murcia divided into two provinces and reduce property taxes.

Unlike many other regions of Spain, Murcia is governed as one unit courtesy of its relatively small size, less than half that of neighbouring Valencia. 

Under this arrangement Cartagena is a mere municipality, but that doesn’t sit well with mayor Jose Lopez, who believes local residents to benefit to the tune of some €100 million a year in extra central government funding as a province in its own right.

Cartagena would then become a capital city and that may just put an end to a millennia of bickering over whether it, or Murcia city, should be the region’s capital. 

Though rumbling on for years, the official declaration from Lopez on October 25 at an epic town hall meeting, signals a new era in Cartagena’s quest for ‘independence’. 

It was his other announcement on property taxes that might raise more expatriate  eyebrows. 

Basic property taxes may fall by 6 per cent next year, in addition to helpful reductions in parking, home installations, and construction. 


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