Woman must pay for bulldozed home

© Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia
Playa de la Reya.

The owner of a house in Mazarron that was demolished because it was too close to the seafront, has been ordered to pay the €13,160 costs for it to be pulled down.

The woman was ordered by the Costas department to demolish her house on the edge of Playa de la Reya, but she failed to do so and in 2014 they sent in their own contractors to carry out the job. 

The woman was sent the bill but refused to pay and took the issue to the courts. 


However, the High Court in Murcia has now ruled that she must pay and has dismissed her appeal against the ruling. 

The property owner fell victim to the Ley de Costas ruling of 1985 which prevented properties from being located on the seafront to ensure that a strip of land was left free to allow passage for the general public along the coast and to help prevent over-development.

Any properties deemed to be built on state land were issued with a demolition order with a 30-year concession from the date of the property’s construction.

This has since been modified to allow a longer period of use, but many homes are being forcefully demolished that were deemed to be outside the new extension period.



  1. Surely the home must have been issued with building licences, probably illegal ones due to skulduggery between the developer aqnd the town council official/s? If so, then the full value of the home has to be paid to the owner before it is destroyed? This is covered by the new law promulgated since the terrible treatment of such as the Priors whose home was deemed legal with all licences signed until the Junta discovered it was built on rustic land. It too the UK Immigrants, the Priors several years including pleading to the E U Court to obtain justice and still they have not been paid (I believe) the Euro 435 000 they were awarded. Clarification of this case is needed and a follow up as the costs of the destruction should be included/added to the payout for the illegal construction if this applies.


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