More than 245,000 pairs of counterfeit sunglasses confiscated in Madrid

A picture of the confiscated sunglasses.

NATIONAL POLICE and the tax agency have discovered 246,120 pairs of counterfeit sunglasses imported from Asia as the operation generated two arrests: the alleged head of the organisation and a Chinese national.

The operation, appropriately named ‘Vision,’ was started after police received information from French customs about the seizure of 75,000 pairs of sunglasses destined for Madrid at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. 

Four searches were made in the industrial estate of Cobo Calleja de Fuenlabrada in Madrid which led to the confiscation. The investigation initially proved difficult as officers scoured the industrial estate but were faced with nothing but dead ends as the warehouse where the sunglasses were stored had been changed multiple times to throw off investigators.


The glasses have since been sent to a specialised laboratory to find out if they were potentially dangerous to users’ health.


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