Joining the speed camera bandwagon


NOT many places have avoided the wrath of speed cameras and Alhaurin de la Torre will be the latest to fall. Councillors have decided by splashing out €92,000 on six cameras overseen by a plush command centre with dozens of high-definition screens, they can rake in a handsome profit and defend the citizenry. 

It’s a win-win situation for the Costa del Sol town just around the Mijas mountain bend from Torremolinos and close to the airport. Work will intensify on the project throughout the rest of the year and councillors fully expect to be issuing fines in time for Christmas.


  1. OMG, hiding from the real world where people have real jobs…springs to mind here..

    Dont worry we will drive very slowly, eventually you will gain insight into your overinflated perception on what is permitted and what is outright totalitarianism as soon as the coffers start failing on you…

    Safe driving everyone lets ensure they make ZERO €€€€!!!!!


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