I didn’t desert England, it deserted me

CHANGED TIMES: Health and safety has gone mad.

DESPITE my 40 or so years living as an expatriate it was always my intention to one day return to England and see my days out in the country I have always loved and admired, perhaps to one day show my children the country of their heritage and take them through areas of my own wonderful memories and experiences.

Unfortunately these misplaced yearnings will now never come to pass, you see Mr Philip, who last week accused me of deserting the old country, I didn’t desert England. The England I knew and loved deserted me.

 My England didn’t have demonstrations of hatred from alien cultures who burnt its flag and shattered its silence with resounding calls to prayer. 


My England allowed its children to play conkers without wearing goggles, respected policemen (not coppers), particularly those who walked the beat, had quiet town centres that didn’t descend into drunken mini-battlegrounds after dark, had hospitals with caring staff and doctors, who spoke English and weren’t in fear of their lives from attack in their own emergency rooms.

My England enjoyed a good laugh at the bigotry of Alf Garnett and didn’t get pilloried for having a toy of the wrong colour depicted on a jar of marmalade, had firemen and rescue services who were not governed by health and safety to the point of lunacy, didn’t hand out money to layabouts and ne’er-do-wells who never had, or ever would get a job.

My England didn’t have its Christian citizens criticised and persecuted for their beliefs, didn’t have foreigners flooding uncontrolled into its towns and cities, didn’t have judges who punished pensioners and released murderers back on to the streets under the guise of ‘human rights,’ didn’t have grossly overpaid footballers who fell into orgasms of self-congratulatory adulation after scoring a goal and didn’t stop its children from running in the playground. 

It was a place where patriotism was admired and something to be proud of and didn’t boast luvvies who demeaned its soldier heroes and brought prosecutions simply because they were protecting us (and them). Need I go on?  

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy  
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  1. Leapy, you hit the nail on the head exactly. Those were the good old days when Britain was a nation to be proud of.
    Sadly those days have long gone thanks to idiots like Tony Blair with his ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’. It is hard to imagine that one man could destroy the country.
    Britain was a nation that others looked up to, now it is a shambles, and in my view will never recover its former glory.
    I have to say that you couldn’t drag me back there with wild horses, and its the last country I would ever want to live in.

  2. Annie, you have a lot to learn about the world. It has nothing to do with language or culture. The country is being overrun by Muslims who are producing five or six times more children than us.

    How are you going to feel when Britain becomes an Islamic State, which it will at some time in the not too distant future unless it is stopped now. Will you be happy to wear a burka?
    Your comment shows just how naive you are.

  3. Mr “Leapy” Lee Graham you were shouting for Brexit! Your insincerity is out there for all to see! So England left you? Or so you say now. You didn’t leave England? Or so you say now. Yet you left England for an Islamic State country called Saudi Arabia as soon as your prison sentence was over – thinking you could make a success of opening a bar there in a country that doesn’t drink alcohol!

    Shame on you!

    You reveal your totally self centred, self righteous, over inflated ego every time you write such extremist nonsense.

    Shame on you!

  4. I live in Thailand and do not recognise the country of my birth in which I spent 67 years before getting the hell out of an increasingly Islamised, near- Communist, politically correct madhouse of altruistic luvvies indoctrinated by the BBC and the Guardian who are happy to be told what to do by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

    John Major and Tony Blair should both be in prison or better still executed for treason for signing away the UK’s sovereignty with the Maarstricht and Lisbon Treaties.
    The last straw is having a Muslim as Lord Mayor of London. What people do not realise is that Islam is not a religion, it is a totalitarian political ideology of misogyny and hatred for all who do not believe in their nonsense. Their prophet was a pedophile and murderer. Just read the history.
    Were Islam a true religion like Christianity, there would not be a problem, but it is not.
    A Christian fundamentalist would be like Christ – preaching.An Islamic fundamentalist behaves like the Prophet, that is like the Islamic fundamentalists, like ISIS.

    Real Brits do not belong in the UK now because the real UK is not the real UK . The two most recent generation have been brainwashed with a dumbed-down education, tricking boxes. The snowflake generation with their “safe areas” is the end of democracy. They have no right to the title, British because they are a bunch of left wing wallies – Big Girl’s Blouses.

  5. Well put Jeff. You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately we still have idiots in the country who do not believe this. Come ten or twenty years they will eventually find out.

  6. History will prove you wrong Ann!!!!!!!!!!
    I cannot believe that someone could be so naive. Obviously your teachers didn’t tell you the truth about the Muslims and daily events in the UK.
    Why do you think we have areas of OUR towns and cities where English people dare not go at night – even the Police? Why do we have so many Muslim RAPE GANGS?
    If you believe that Britain will not eventually be overrun by the Muslims then you are dumber than I thought. It is happening right now!
    The country will be overrun by sheer weight of numbers in twenty or thirty years time because they breed like rabbits.
    Time to grow up and learn the REAL truth, not the propaganda put out by the Muslims. For your information I am well aware what a Caliphate is.

  7. So Roy says English women will all be wearing burkas when England becomes an Islamic State and gets overrun by Muslims who breed like rabbits? In Northern Ireland they used to say similar things about Catholics.
    If anyone genuinely thinks the English parliament could ever pass a law forcing the entire population of English women to wear burkas against their will then they are suffering from an extremely disturbing delusion. If they think such a thing would ever be enforced by the English police, army and judiciary then they are beyond all hope.

    No one will ever get through to someone who thinks in such an outlandish manner, so I won’t even try. What I will do though, is attempt to convince everyone else that they have nothing to fear from such nonsense.

    Britain is such a multi-cultural, multi-racial society now that no single religion could ever gain sufficient power to impose itself on the entire population against their will. The words “snowball” and “hell” spring to mind. In such a well-educated society, any single religion will always be outnumbered by all the others and by those who have no religious faith.

    If the Christians can’t persuade the rest of us to go to their churches for a single hour on one day of the week what chance have the much smaller numbers of Muslims got? And anyway, they would need to overcome all the followers of the new religion – Facebook. That’s something that’s REALLY taken over the nation.

  8. What a load of garbage U k is still a great country and a great place to live. I live in Spain but frequently return to the UK. I enjoy my time in both Countries equally. Your claims are possibly exaggerated to justify being where you are to convince yourself you have done the right
    As for your comments on religion Islam is exactly the same as Christianity. Just a bunch of fairy tails.

  9. Oh dear Leepy you ou,re at it again with your health and safety comments. Stick to subjects you know something about. Yes H&&S has become onerous. This is mainly because ambulance chasing lawyers are encouraging people to claim for everything including broken finger nails. Also insurance premiums are now so high due to all sorts of silly claims that companies have to go to exrtremes to keep the cost down.
    As for your reference to the fire brigade their job can be so dangerous heath mand safety requirements have to be extreme

  10. Unfortunately Leapy you remind me very much of those fervent Scottish exiles who’s accent grows stronger the minute they desert their shores and forever go on about the wonderful place they left at the first opportunity. You absconded at a time you proclaim all was so well with the great British shores so stop bleating about what is wrong with it now. This a country you left and therefore have no right to bleat about how it works,you sir are a foreigner by choice and give nothing and have given nothing to the Britain that is today for many years. You Sir absconded your shores therefore seeking self interest elsewhere while relinquishing any real thought for the country you pitifully pretend to have loved. No doubt the thought of having ” that terrible” health service look after you in your coming years of need is truly your only real motive for the yearning of yesterday’s shores. Get with it, your forgotten and they don’t want you either!!! ” out damn spot” !!!!!!

  11. well well well, we have all “experts” who no longer live in the UK telling us what is and isnt happening…Firstly for Annie, sorry love but your wrong they DO want to establish caliphates, they hate us westerners and want to change our world …how do I know this because I used to live in area awash with them and their mosques who preached hatred and even had banners put up (which the council did nothing about) stating sharia law rules here, I escaped that place and now live by the coast but I have no doubt by the time my grandchildren are oap’s this country will be over run with them and their laws. And whose fault is it? why the lilly livered governments thats who, firstly Blair and his open door policy and then the following useless lot who were afraid to even use the word black for fear of racism, unfortunately we have become a country scared of our own shadows and we are being taken for a ride…. BUT its still MY country and I would never leave it, its still worth fighting for. Shame on those who deride it and abandon it and only come back when they want something for free

  12. Oh dear, you really have no idea do you? Its not the religion its the nutters who practise it you have to worry about, and seeing as they reproduce at a alarming rate compared to us we will be outnumbered in the not to distant future. It wouldnt be a English parliament passing any laws it would be them. Dont you get that?
    You obviously live in a muslim free area or one with a very small populaton of them, try one of the boroughs where they HAVE taken over….

  13. Roy and Lyn (and Leapy), you must not be allowed to go unchallenged. You are spreading abnormal fears and prejudices against mostly decent people by selecting only the worst activities of a minority and utterly ignoring the best aspects of the majority. Your arguments are silly and simplistic at best and divisive and dangerous at worst – especially if they are allowed to spread further.

    You remind me of the occupants of a semi-detached house who cannot stand the people next door because they paint the exterior of their property a different colour from yours! I actually lived among people like that at one time. I know what such silly complaints and grudges can lead to.

    I would suggest you get your own house in order before you try blaming others for your own problems. England’s faults are not due to Muslims, just like Nazi Germany’s were not due to Jews. England’s endemic problems were created by England – so don’t try blaming the new kids on the block.

    Roy, you once displayed your contradictory lack of understanding of the UN until I corrected it. Leapy, you try to tell us you did not desert England, when you certainly did – and went to live among MUSLIMS in Saudi – by choice, you hypocrite. I’ll happily take you on next Lyn if you continue to promote such similar nonsense.

  14. Brian Eagleson.. What a load of bunkum you spout! Nothing wrong with my house as I don live amongst them anymore, and if your too blind to see whats in front of you then when it finally dawns.. on that pea sized brain of yours it will be far too late, you waffle about minority’s lol you really dont have a clue do you? you can spout about the Nazis and Jews etc… load of tosh, you stay in your happy little world for however long it may last and just totally ignore whats happening outside your door,you also waffle about how I blame them for all the troubles in England…where have I said that? Again load of bunkum. No point even trying to discuss with you, …you have made our mind up there is no problem end of bye

  15. Happily take me on? You dont stand a chance and its you thats full of nonsense boy LOL Open your eyes to the world outside and SEE for yourself instead of living in your lovely little dream world.. Bye bye

  16. Brian, we all know you are a Muslim lover, but not everyone sees life through your eyes!!!!!!!
    Its about time you woke up to reality and saw what is happening to the world, and especially Europe.
    Brian, if you love the Muslims so much why don’t you go and live in England in a Muslim area?????? Bradford is a town that comes to mind!!!!! That will certainly open your eyes to reality!!!!!

  17. [quote]Brian, we all know you are a Muslim lover, but not everyone sees life through your eyes!!!!!!!
    Its about time you woke up to reality and saw what is happening to the world, and especially Europe.
    Brian, if you love the Muslims so much why don’t you go and live in England in a Muslim area?????? Bradford is a town that comes to mind!!!!! That will certainly open your eyes to reality!!!!![/quote]
    Roy…so he doesnt even live in England? Is that right?

  18. Well LEE i think you have been to Sheffield as you have got it 100%right for people who disagree with you i will give them a free tour of Sheffield they will soon change ther minds !!!!Keep the faith young man .

  19. Brian by the way…..semi detached? No way jose! Detached for me and if my neighbour painted their house the same colour as me I would change mine, but who paints brick houses? How naff. LOL

  20. I like much more than just Muslims Roy. Although, I do have a good friend who’s originally a Muslim from Algeria. His father is actually an Imam, but my friend is more what you might call a lapsed Muslim. Yes, you do get lapsed Muslims Roy,  just like you get lapsed Christians. Surprised? Don’t be. The world’s changing all the time. You need to keep up to speed.

    My friend and I meet at least once a week usually, often with a group of other friends. We have great conversations about anything and everything over lunch or dinner. It’s a great way to broaden the mind. You should try it sometime.

    Yes, I lke more than just Muslims Roy. I like decent, honest, intelligent, friendly people of all races, creeds and colours throughout the entire human race. It’s the “Mr. Angry” types I don’t like. You know the type. They use lots of exclamation marks when one would be enough.

  21. Hmm. Two rants for the price of one Lyn. Was one not enough? I might take the trouble to reply to you if you calm down and start to behave  rationally. But if you don’t, I won’t bother.

  22. [quote][/quote]
    Roy…so he doesnt even live in England? Is that right?[/quote]
    Since you seem astonished I don’t live in England Lyn, here’s my background. I was born in Scotland not long after the end of WW 11. I know the entire British Isles like the back of my hand having travelled for both work and leisure to virtually every city and shire in England and Scotland plus the likes of Cardiff, Dublin etc.

    I have traveled extensively, for more than half a century, throughout practically all of France and to other countries like Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco all the way to the Sahara, Italy, Sicily, Malta, Croatia, Turkey – the list goes on. I have relatives living in the USA, Canada, Australia and Thailand.

    I retired to live in a nice part of Spain which I now call home, but I still visit the UK frequently. I’ve been very fortunate to have travelled so widely and meet so many interesting people.

    They say travel broadens the mind Lyn. I can confirm it does. That’s why I prefer open minds to closed ones.

  23. [quote]Hmm. Two rants for the price of one Lyn. Was one not enough? I might take the trouble to reply to you if you calm down and start to behave  rationally. But if you don’t, I won’t bother.[/quote]
    LOL I haven’t even started yet and already your giving up yet yesterday you wanted to take me on, dream on fool. Your full of pc nonsense and something else I wont mention on a public board. Now go back to dream land and live your sad life as you see it…with blinkers on and as for your extensive travels…hasnt really taught you much about the world has it, so you have ONE lasped muslim friend and you seem to think they outnumber the muslims who would die for their faith…WRONG, so many things wrong with your outlook, but as you say ….a closed mind. Now I think the discussion ends here as you dont even live in the country we are talking about, yeah you may visit but thats not the same as LIVING with the filth like we have to. So I wont waste any more of my time….Bye

  24. Oh Lyn, clearly you never attended debating classes at school, college or university. When I indicated my willingness to take you on, it should have been clear to you it was with the intention of entering into serious practical debate. Your obvious anger and the appalling manner in which you behave makes that impossible.

    If you moderate the aggression you employed from the very beginning, and if you start debating calmly with consideration and politeness, then I will enter into a decent normal debate with you. Otherwise I am perfectly capable of fighting fire with fire. I warn you, others have found before that I give as good as I get. They start the fire. I respond in kind. Even Leapy himself knows this.

    Also, please note you keep repeating the word “Bye” as if you’ve finished for keeps – but then you come back again and again to vent your spleen and indulge yourself in infantile point-scoring like a spoilt child. Perhaps you should follow your own advice, or start showing more maturity.

    Finally, you strangely assume the painted houses in the area I referred to we’re of brick construction. Apart from the fact I was simply illustrating a point, they were actually the traditional stone-built houses you see in older towns all over Britain, so don’t dare call me a fool. If you stop putting your mouth into action before your brain is in gear you might look less foolish yourself in front of everyone.


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