Youngsters arrested for torturing animals and sharing the videos online


POLICE officers in Molina de Segura (Murcia) have arrested five minors who allegedly tortured animals to death and then shared videos of the horrific acts on social media. 

The youngsters tortured pigs and goats and had plans to do the same to a random individual on the eve of Halloween.

Investigations began at the start of October when police were informed of videos of animal torture and abuse being shared on social media. An individual in the area had already reported to police that five of his goats had recently gone missing from his plot and, upon seeing the videos, realised that it was his own animals being filmed.


After viewing various videos shared by the group, police saw how the individuals would sneak into farmhouses and barns and divide up tasks between them with one person recording while the others tortured the animals.

These cruel get-togethers were planned via a group on the instant messaging platform Whatsapp. The latest project for the minors was to be an assault on a random person on the night of Halloween using masks from the movie Scream.

Police were able to identify the minors and proceeded to arrest them, charging them all with various counts of animal cruelty, burglary and civil damages.




  1. Well lets just keep bullfighting / lets keep up the ley mordaza / lets continue to watch all celebrities that work on television pay just 1% in tax for messing with our minds by propaganda fit for the insane…while the rest of the world is waking up to the possibility of WW3, people like this are just totally unaware of what is going on. really SAD!!!!!! I blame their parents…Spain really needs to recoup some of its past before its future ends up like that of the USA.


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